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    Problem with JDBC Source postgres with Teiid 8.x

    Giuseppe Lastella Newbie

      Hello guys,

      i''m starting to use Teiid and i saw this Tutorial: https://babbage.inf.unibz.it/trac/obdapublic/wiki/BookFederationTutorial#no1

      In the  'System Setup' i must create a Postgres Connection Profile and i must select the JDBC driver.
      The system couldn't find the defualt driver JDBC .jar and i  had added an external .jar file like JDBC driver.

      At the end of tutorial, i try the system for obtain a data preview but the system show me this error:

      "JDBC Source for Driver class org.postgresql.Driver was not found on server BookFederationServer (mm://localhost:9999::admin)"

      Someone can help me to resolve this problem??

      Thanks a lot