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    help with teiid embedded deployVDBzip

    sudeep das Newbie

      I am getting started with teiid. I used teiid designer to create a vdb, and it works fine with jboss. I now want to use that vdb in teiid embedded, but I get exception on deployVDBZip

      Exception in thread "main" org.teiid.deployers.VirtualDatabaseException: TEIID40095 TEIID31070 Empty model;There are no tables, procedures or functions defined in this model mysql

      Here is my code...what am I missing ?

          public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

              final MysqlDataSource sql = new MysqlDataSource();





              EmbeddedServer.ConnectionFactoryProvider<DataSource> jdbcProvider = new EmbeddedServer.ConnectionFactoryProvider<DataSource>() {


                  public DataSource getConnectionFactory() throws TranslatorException {

                      return sql;    



              Connection conn = jdbcProvider.getConnectionFactory().getConnection();


              // now start Teiid in embedded mode

              EmbeddedConfiguration ec = new EmbeddedConfiguration();



              EmbeddedServer teiidServer = new EmbeddedServer();



              // configure the connection provider and translator for jdbc based source

              teiidServer.addConnectionFactoryProvider("mysql", jdbcProvider);

              teiidServer.addTranslator("mysql",new MySQLExecutionFactory());


              teiidServer.deployVDBZip(new URL("file:///tmp/empvdb.vdb"));