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    Error while connecting hive to JDS: error deploying "importvdb"

    Arvind Karunakaran Newbie

      I am a beginner, recently started working with JBoss developer Studio.

      I am trying to create a Hive connection and import tables from the hive data source to JDS using Teiid Designer. I followed the steps described by Mark Drilling in the Jboss Developer forums : https://developer.jboss.org/wiki/ConnectToAHadoopSourceUsingHive2


      I followed these steps using Teiid Designer:

      1. 1.Create Teiid Model Project
        2. Import... -> Teiid Connection >> Source Model
        3. Select the data source to use for import: Hive driver
      2. 4. Select translator and target model for import: Hive as translator


      In the next step, I get the error:

      Get DDL for import: Error deploying “importvdb”. Please check the server log.


      The server log and standalone.xml are attached

      Please provide insights on how to resolve this issue.


      Arvind Karunakaran