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    Modify existing Workflow

    Sebastian Goschin Newbie


      currently I try to define my own workflows, this of course includes testing and repetitive deployments to DTgov / S-RAMP.


      1. So, I was wondering if the only possibilty to replace a DTgov workflow is to remove the old workflow and all its processes, forms, etc. from S-RAMP and afterwards deploying the new version to S-RAMP using "mvn clean deploy".

      Just redeploying does not work because than S-RAMP returns that a file with the same name already exists.


      2. Does the replacement requires a restart of the EAP, a redeployment of dtgov.war or is it directly useable?


      3. Is there a possibility to configure more than one KieJarArchive to be used for workflows?


      4. Is there an easier way to test workflows than deploying them to S-RAMP?


      I hope you can help me with that.