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    "UT000004: getResponseChannel() has already been called" issue with "Expect:100-continue"

    Russell Nile Newbie

      It appears that I am being bitten by the problem with a client using "Connection:keep-alive" and "Expect:100-continue" in the headers.  The problem is that it is a default for .NET clients.  I may be able to control the local clients, but this risks my ability to deploy this to production with this bug in place.  What could be the reason of "UT000004: getResponseChannel() has already been called"?


      I am using Wildfly 8.1.0....is there a plan for 8.1.1 that has this patch?  I'm pretty late in the process and really don't want to turn back to JBoss 7.x because of this.  I don't think I can wait until 9.0.0.


      I have to imagine that a lot of people are experiencing this....is that the case?  Is there a workaround?