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    DSDS - SP dependency on Source Model

    Tej Kiran Medapally Newbie

      Hi All,

      We are trying to move our Stored Porcedures from the SQL Server database into the .vdb file in TEIID. These stored procedures are mostly used to insert/update data in the underlying source model. All the insert/update scripts inside the TEIID stored procedures are now written against entities in the Source Model in the .vdb file. 


      Is there any way we can write these insert/update statements against the entites in the View Model instead and make this work? If this is possible then we can avoid rewriting all the stored procedures whenever we deploy the vdb for a client as the source model changes from client to client.


      Please let us know how to achieve this.


      NOTE: Most of the Stored Procedures insert/update data against multiple entities in the Source Model.