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    Testing changes

    Tom Arnold Novice

      I was hoping someone could share what their process looks like when working on Teiid.


      I've done some translator development and usually test my changes by hot-deploying the translator to a Teiid server. Now I'm trying to test some changes to the core/engine, which seems to require something a little different. I whipped up a little script to replace all the Teiid module JARs with softlinks to the versions installed in my local Maven repo. My process is to recompile the JARs I've changed and then restart JBoss to apply.


      I've made some small changes to a running server using the debugger, but this is limited (e.g., can't add classes). I spent a little time trying to get JRebel to work but the license cost is prohibitive.


      Should I focus on testing my changes with unit tests? Do you often test against live servers?