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    a4j:status with rich:select problem (Richfaces 4.5.0)

    Mohammad Weshah Novice

      Hello Professionals,

      I have just upgrade to Richfaces 4.5.0 ,My environment :

      - Richfaces 4.5

      - java

      - WildFly Server 8.2 Final (JSF 2.2.8)

      i have a sample screen :

      <h:form id="testForm">



        <a4j:ajax event="selectitem" execute="@this" />



        <a4j:status onstart="alert('1')"         onstop="alert('2')" />




      as you see the screen contains an empty select and event that let the a4j:status fire .


      - the problem is the onstart="alert('1')"  fire but the system hang after that and onstop="alert('2')"  dose not fire .

      - this happen just with rich:select when the values list is empty .


      to avoid this problem i have to add an empty <f:selectitem/> inside <rich:select/> , again the a4j:status work correct with all richfaces component expect this case with rich:select