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    RF 4.3 rich:autocomplete: reset filter and show entire list when user clicks dropdown button

    Scott Carpenter Newbie

      In updating RF 3 combo boxes to autocomplete, I'm running into a disconcerting behavior change.


      1. With mode="client" and showButton="true", I start typing a value. Let's say it's countries and I type "Can".


      2.The list filters vary nicely down to Canada.


      3. I hit enter and Canada is filled in for the box.


      4. Oh, wait, maybe I wanted another country. I click on the dropdown arrow and only see Canada in the list. Where did all the other countries go? "Hello? Helpdesk? I'm not seeing all the choices in the dropdown."


      At least, I think this will cause a lot of confusion with our users. (Not so much for country, but we have lots of dropdowns with lots of lists that people change values for.) I've learned to backspace to get the other choices to appear, but I think this is non-intuitive.


      We've already made a choice, what is the purpose of continuing to filter for that one value that is already chosen? It seems to me the dropdown button should signal a desire to reset the list. The RF3 comboBox behaves this way. The RF4 rich:select also has this new filtering behavior of the autocomplete.


      I notice that when forms are freshly loaded and existing values set, *then* you can click on the dropdown arrow and see all values, with your value highlighted, and this is exactly what I'd like to see after making a choice.


      Is there any way to make this happen RF 4.3.7?


      Thank you!