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    Is there SAS Translator?

    Corey Barrett Newbie

      One of the minimum requirements for our using of Teiid Virtualization capabilities will be virtualizing across multiple SAS datasets.  Is there one? 


      If there isn't one how does something like this get added to the roadmap?

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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          As part of engagement, I wrote this SAS SPD translator here teiid-marketplace/sas · GitHub  This translator is not fully complete, however it is functional. It uses the JDBC translator that SAS provides. This is not part of the Teiid build yet, because I do not have access to a SAS  environment. You can give this a try. To use this download the source code and compile it, and it should provide you with a zip file that you can unzip over the installation. Then add a translator entry in the standalone-teiid.xml file under "teiid" subsystem, you should be good to use it.


          If you find any errors, I will certainly accept any patches. So, it is on our roadmap, but target version is still TBD.