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    Java version compatibility

    luca gioppo Novice

      Can someone write an updated list of compatible (advised versions) of Java for TEIID?

      It seems that, looking at the web site that on the web site, there is listed the minimum java as the (from a bug found time ago).

      But looking at the forum there is people that is using also java 1.7 but seems that for example jdk_1.7.0_40 has a known bug.

      Also difference from OpenJDK and Oracle JDK cloud be useful.



      Maybe a table like the following could be nice

      TEIID versionGood JDKBad JDK
      TEIID x

      OpenJDK > or 1.7.0_25 or 1.8....

      Oracle JDK > or 1.7.0_25

      OpenJDK 1.7.0_40 (reference to issue or forum)

      This could also help people to keep the knowledge updated on strange behaviours that consume lot of debugging time.