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    RHQ Metrics 0.2.7 - Release Planning

    nstefan Newbie

      Hello Everybody,


      Here is a list of features we plan for release 0.2.7 of RHQ Metrics:

      • Keycloak Integration
      • External configuration support
      • Improved start utilities
      • Metrics
        • tag filtering
        • semantics
      • UI - Charting Enhancements
        • Annotation (Tagging) support
        • Enhanced interactivity
      • Tooling for performance testing and schema design
      • Investigate pre-computed aggregation, node coordination, data locality
      • Investigate API management
        • throttling
        • backwards compatibility
        • authentication
        • good starting point -> project APIman


      This release will be anchored in the Keycloak integration. As soon as the work is merged in master and finalized, we plan on releasing.