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    Teiid works fine for the first 20 queries and then blocks

    Benjamin Cogrel Newbie



      I am using Teiid 8.8.0.Final with two RDBMS: MySQL and PostgreSQL.

      The SQL queries (generated by the Ontop query-rewriter) are rather complex and usually involve joins over the tables of the two DBs.


      I am using a query mixer to run variants of 10 template queries. High-level queries are run sequentially.


      It worked fine for two first iterations (so around 20 high-level queries) but after something it blocks, as captured in the log file (see at 16:21:25,504).

      After ten minutes, I stopped the server, some out-of-memory errors happened and the running sub-queries are finally closed.


      Do you have any clue about why Teiid blocks and how to prevent it?


      Please find attached the log file where I set org.teiid.PROCESSOR to DEBUG.


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