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    Issue in opening rich popup panel from a page which is included in another page



      I have a .xhtml page where i have included another page using ui:include tag

      <ui:include src="refunddetails.xhtml"></ui:include>

      and from this included page I am opening a popup panel but any control or command button on panel is not working well. On clicking any control or button it is refreshing page.


      Below is the code to call popup panel:

      <a4j:commandButton value="#{bundle.btn_upload }" styleClass="button"

        type="submit" onclick="#{rich:component('onUploadPopup')}.hide();" render="panelId1">


      And below is code of popup panel:

      <rich:popupPanel id="onUploadPopup" modal="true" autosized="true"

        onmaskclick="#{rich:component('onUploadPopup')}.hide(); return false;">

        <f:facet name="header">

        <h:outputText value="Information" />


        <f:facet name="controls">

        <h:outputLink value="#" style="margin-right:5px;margin-top:5px;"

        onclick="#{rich:component('onUploadPopup')}.hide(); return false;">




        <h:panelGroup id="panelId1">

        <h:form id="form33">

        <h:outputText id="output1" value="#{bundle.note_idchk3 }" />

        <a4j:commandButton styleClass="button" type="submit"

        onclick="#{rich:component('onUploadPopup')}.hide(); return false;"

        value="#{bundle.btn_ok }"></a4j:commandButton>