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    Re: how to pass custom data type's collection be it array when you start process via REST?  - exception occuring

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      I'm using JBPM 6.0.2.GA BPM suite.  I've a custom data type and i was able to pass the custom data type across the wire (REST API) using workaround listed here (

      1. org.apache.xerces.dom.ElementNSImpl cannot be cast to demo.flight.bpms.flightproject.Flights
      2. workaround used was - to make the custom types wrapped in domain jar as kjar
      3. after this, i was able to see data in custom data type while starting process but as null in cusUser[] data type; we probably have definition information to be sent (around 5 records) in the collection of custom Data type (be it cusUser[]

      a. org.apache.xerces.dom.ElementNSImpl cannot be cast to [Lcom.crl.rol.jbpm.bpmdomain.domain.nd.CusUser;

      One more question: can i send a Map over wire (via REST API) and have a custom data type of type Map<String,Object)

      After workaround, data in CusUser[] variable goes as null even though data is initialized via REST call of JBPM 6.  Exception is the same.  However, another variable with data type CusUser is working fine.  It’s the array of custom types that are not working.


      1. could you help?