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    How to redirect http to https with port forwarding

    Hong Shao Newbie

      Hi, I'm upgrading our app server from 4.2.3 to Wildfly 8.2. Here's my setup:


      WildFly 8.2

      Linux - Ubuntu 12.4

      http - port 8080

      https - port 8443

      and use iptables to forward port 80 -> 8080, 443 -> 8443


      I have some resources that need to be forwarded to HTTPS if the visitor uses port 80 in the browser, so I added this block to my web.xml:





      However, the server redirects the page to https://<myresource>:8443, instead of https://<myresource>:443.


      Is there a way to make this redirect to the correct port without writing my own custom handler? I'm comfortable to write custom code if I have to, but it would be nice if there's a configuration to accomplish this that I am not aware of.


      Thanks very much!