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    File Source | Error due to closed brackets present in column names

    Shiveeta Mattoo Newbie



      Due to presence of closed brackets "()" in column names of a file, although VDS deployment is successful, the query execution does not give any output results for that coulmn.

      The file contents - 





      The query is as below. We have tried enclosing the column name in double quotes.

      "SELECT A.\"(a)\",A.\"b\" FROM (EXEC closedbracketswithbreak.getFiles('closedbreakbrackets.txt')) AS F, TEXTTABLE(TO_CHARS(F.file,'UTF-8') COLUMNS \"(a)\" INTEGER,\"b\" INTEGER delimiter ',' quote '\u0000' HEADER) AS A"


      The output of select * from closedbreakbrackets -



      If there is a single open or closed bracket in column name, it works fine.


      a(,b  --> works fine

      a),b --> works fine

      (a),b --> no results

      ()a,b --> no results


      Please let me know if this is a known issue or a bug can be filed for this behaviour.