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    Using the + character in node names in WebDAV

    Jacob Ilsø Newbie



      I am trying to access a file with a + character in the name. If I access it through WebDAV I get a 404. From the WildFly log file I see that it is trying to fetch the name without +. The name in ModeShape is "a+b+c.docx". This is what's in the log:


      2015-03-02 10:22:34,869 DEBUG [org.modeshape.web.jcr.webdav.ModeShapeWebdavStore] (default task-67) WebDAV getStoredObject at "/sw/default/a b c.docx" resolved to "/sw/default/a b c.docx"


      I haven't been able to find anything in the documentation about this.


      Thanks in advance,