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    which is fast ODATA or JDBC?

    subba nulu Newbie


      I am new bee to Teiid. I am trying to come up with a soln in java and we are planning to Teiid VDB for coming up with a Common Model.

      now for developing a client which queries from VDB which communication channel would be faster OData or JDBC?

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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          The reasons for using the JDBC Vs OData are much different. If you are developing Java applications then JDBC is better. But if you are developing client applications in many different languages then OData will give you that flexibility.


          JDBC will be faster. The reasons are

          • JDBC uses native binary protocol, so possibly less time taken for marshaling  and compact
          • other batching techniques to efficiently move the data
          • support for transactions can be controlled through JDBC API
          • In Teiid, OData layer is built on top of JDBC layer.
          • Data is read java object form


          With OData data is either delivered in JSON or XML. If you are looking at data as pure service, then OData is better, as it will give you that loose coupling with rest of the architecture. BTW, Teiid will have V4 support very soon.



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            subba nulu Newbie

            Thanks Ramesh. your reply more than answers my question .