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    "Unable to locate installable unit <javax.wsdl>" while setting target platform in Luna

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      I'd like to contribure to jboss-hibernate tools. I've started with setting a target platform. I use Eclipse Luna 4.4.0. So I've git-cloned the target--platform project, checkouted it to 4.40.0, and then imported it as maven project. I open jbosstools-multiple.target in Eclipse, got to Definition tab, nut get everithing red there with the "Unable to locate installable unit javax.wsdl" message. I've already killed my workspace and bootstrapped it. Also it is interesting that if I click "Edit..." the location it shows a valid one,http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/m2e-extensions/m2e-apt/1.1.0-2014-05-21_05-04-36-H34/, for example. So what am I doing wrong?