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    TEIID11010 error stops vdb deployment and JBoss bootup is stalled

    Suman m Newbie

      In one of our customer environments a TEIID11010 error was thrown while loading the metadata due to which vdb deployment stopped and JBoss boot up was also halted.


      Our translator has a safety mechanism to catch such errors and continue loading the metadata of the next model.

      We overrided the getMetadata method to handle the exception.


      public void getMetadata(final MetadataFactory metadataFactory, final Object conn) throws TranslatorException
              try {
                  super.getMetadata(metadataFactory, conn);       
             } catch (final Exception e)  {       
                      final Table dummyTable = metadataFactory.addTable("dummyTable");     
                      metadataFactory.addColumn("dummycolumn",  DataTypeManager.DefaultDataTypes.STRING,dummyTable); 
                      logger.warn("Error on getMetaData call", e);


      We observed that for certain errors like TEIID11018 (no active connection) this approach works. The metadata of the remaining models load and eventually vdb is set to active.


      But when a TEIID11010 error occurs (TEIID11010 java.sql.SQLException: ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException)  everything stops abruptly as if something is stuck,

      even JBoss bootup is also halted.


      Is there any fix or workaround to overcome this issue. We are using JBoss 7.1.1 and teiid  8.1.


      Thanks, M.A.Suman.