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    WebDAV authorization

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      first of all, I'm using ModeShape version 3.8.1 on a JBoss EAP 6.3 instance.


      Initial situation:

      Currently, I access the ModeShape WebDAV interface by the same user: admin. I integrated WebDAV as network drive in my Windows Explorer: Works like a charm.



      • Multiple logins on Windows Explorer
        • I can only integrate WebDAV on one single machine by network drive. For instance, when I try to connect to WebDAV on another machine, I get no access, even all credentials are entered correctly. Bizarrely, invoking WebDAV in Firefox on different machines works.
      • Assignment of permissions
        • My admin user can do everything (read & write). Therefore, I would like to create a second user which has only read-permissions on the repository. I already spotted some documentation about authentication in your WebDAV documentation (Using Repositories with WebDAV in EAP - ModeShape 3 - Project Documentation Editor) , but I cannot clearly interpret what I have to add in modeshape-webdav's .war web.xml or within my JBoss' standalone.xml modeshape-security domain section like:
          • What kind of role-name is permitted
          • How to connect a user to this role
          • How to assign permissions to a role (especially read-only)
          • How to add a another user to ModeShape


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