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    Disabled fields are not readable with Richfaces Skin, how to override it ?

    Sandeep Singh Newbie

      Hi All,


      All the disabled fields are currently being displayed as shown below.

      I override it but still the textarea is not working as expected.

      /* Provided Dark Grey Color to all the Disabled Fields, thus making them more readable. */

      .textarea[disabled], input[type="text"][disabled], input[type="password"][disabled], select[disabled] {

          color: #585858 !important;


      The above code works perfectly fine for all input expect textarea.

      In the firebug I can still see the color coming from the skins.

      Need help to override any type of input to the above color if they are disabled.


      As you can see all input are in dark grey color expect textarea  which is still in light blue color.


      Thankyou all,