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    Partial External Materialization

    John Khoury Newbie



      I have a huge data externally materialized and needs more than 30 minutes to finalize. Is there a way or a best practice to materialize data partially so i can access data instantly and not wait for materialization to be done. is updateMatView procedure useful is this case ?




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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          Yes, see https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/TEIID/System+Procedures


          Since Teiid does not have any control over data changes in the source systems independently, it is an issue to figure out what has been changed. If you have some kind of triggers on source tables, or have a timestamp on every table row when they get updated, you can capture what has been changed since a last refresh and issue a updateMatView request for incremental update. The alternatives are expensive propositions like Oracle Golden gate product etc.


          BTW, we do want to improve overall process here with external materialization, so, if you got any  additional ideas that can this easier, lets talk about them, and we will consider for implementation.