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    Teiid8.10.1 in domain mode

    Anil Nair Newbie

      Hi All,

      We are trying to evaluate teiid 8.10.1 with EAP(version 6.3.0 Alpha) to be run on  domain mode and have the following question.

      1. Is it possible to run teiid 8.10.1 with EAP(version 6.3.0 Alpha1)  on domain mode? The reason for this question is I was unable to get the Admin guide for this build  where as the site says to look the 8.11 draft version where it points to EAP 6.4 aplha, also the files mentioned to run the teiid in domain mode does not exists in the downloaded file(scripts/teiid-domain-mode-install.cli). any pointers to 8.10.1 domain mode would be helful(google does seem to help with this version)

      2.. What is the benefit of running teiid in cluster mode? The onliner that i could get form 8.11 draft was "The "Domain" mode recommended in a clustered environment to take advantage of clustered caching and cluster safe distribution of events. Teiid's default configuration for Domain mode through CLI script configured for high availability and clustered caching.".

      Will my queries to different datasources be processed  by different teiid servers and synched. It would be helpful if somebody can point me to right link.

      Thank you for looking at my questions