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    Output string truncated in Teiid VDB Stored Procedure

    govindaraj s Novice



           I have created a User Defined Function which calls a java function and returns a large string data as output. So i have set the Output (OP) string length as 999999 in the Teiid Designer 9.0. But still the output string gets truncated and returns only 4000 characters.  I have tested the Java function and it returns the complete output data. Only calling it via the Teiid VDB creates this issue.


           I cannot see the UDF function in Schema model, so i have created Stored Procedure which is used to call the UDF function, SP also returns 4000 characters only, truncates the rest.

           How else can I increase the length of the Output string in Teiid VDB User Defined Function or Stored Procedure?





      Environment Details:

      Teiid Designer:             9.0

      Teiid Server:                8.7

      JBoss EAP:                 6.1



      Thanks & Regards

      Govindaraj s.