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    Unable to test administration connection

    Weston Stevens Newbie

      I am using JBoss EAP 6.4 server, Teiid Designer 9, Teiid 8.10.1, and JBoss Developer Studio 8.1.0. I am trying to establish a connection to the server in Teiid Designer (running in a separate Eclipse) that I have running externally from JBoss Developer Studio and the server is indeed running successfully.


      I have added an admin to the server and am able to access it via http://localhost:9990/management


      But unfortunately, I still cannot use the server in Teiid Designer, even though I am using the same admin password in the server overview. When I try to preview data, I get



      and when I test the administration connection I get


      Teiid Designer gives me the error "No ExecutionAdmin factory registered for teiid instance version 8.10.1."


      a very frustrating problem, assistance very appreciated