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    Custom Translator


      Hi All,

      I am trying to achieve a scenario as mentioned below

      1.  I have  to execute a query .but before execution and after execution of the query I need a stored procedure to be executed and this stored procedure is expecting a parameter that is passed from the teiid client, and the stored procedure does not return any value

      The version of teiid that i am using for evaluation is Teiid 8.10.1 ,database :Sql server: driver is Jtds.

      After digging through the documentation I am assuming  I should be using custom translator.

      So keeping  the above thought in mind i have setup the environment for the custom translator development(Maven setup). The questions I have

      1. I would have to execute the stored procedure and query with the same connection

      2. In the custom translator with(understanding from documentation) I have to use ResultSetExecution for the query and Procedure Execution for the stored procedures in the ExecutionFactory class. So I was thinking if there is a way I can combine this together?

      Any pointers on this direction would be great.