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    composite insert using Teiid

    Kiran Kumar NS Newbie

      Hi Ramesh,


      I have a requirement to insert data into related multiple tables in the database through a single VDB that virtualizes multiple tables.

      Any link to follow, I am asking this because there are not many links , many of which is not taking me till destination solution.

      Or any easy steps here, would help.


      For now, all the tables are in single database, Going forward it might be disparate backend systems too.




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          Kiran Kumar NS Newbie

          Ramesh, Van,


          Can you please answer this...

          I am sure you might be busy in answering other threads...but i am waiting for this - fyi




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            Ramesh Reddy Master



            When you defining the VIEW definition and transformation, you need to mark the VIEW as "updatable" to "true" in the properties panel. Also, where you entered the transformation SQL, there are couple other tabs for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE. Depending upon complexity of you "SELECT" transformation, you do not need to fill-in any SQL in these tabs. However, if the transformation not simple, then you need to provide the SQL here using "INSTEAD OF" triggers. Once these are defined, and VDB deployed, you can issue INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements on the view and corresponding INSTEAD OF triggers are executed.


            More info here

            Update Procedures - Teiid 8.12 (draft) - Project Documentation Editor




            Kiran: Please understand this is community support, repeated pleas only increase the amount of work we have,  we will reply as soon as we can spare some time to answer questions.

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