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    WildFly 9.0 CR2 - Mod_Cluster 1.3.1


      Hi Guys!


      I'm trying to implement a cluster with wildfly and mod_cluster 1.3.1, 2 nodes (1 master 1 slave) on the same machine, but I'm facing some problems...


      I can surf to the web site, but there don't appear the nodes. Searching on the logs I can see the following messages over and over again:


      2015-06-29 17:55:23,434 ERROR [org.jboss.modcluster] (UndertowEventHandlerAdapter - 1) MODCLUSTER000042: Error null sending INFO command to dptdesweb-app.grupold2.local/, configuration will be reset: null


      On the console manager I can see the master and the slave node in the same group without any problem.


      I'm going to attach my config.


      Anyone have the same issue?