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    How to deploy kjar by business central?

    chiaan Hung Novice

      I can dynamically deploy kjars to local maven repository. I use mvn clean install to get kjars into maven local repository. Moreover, I use jbpm 6.2.0-SNAPSHOT api to get resources from maven local repository by the following code.

      DeployedUnit deployedUnit = deploymentService.getDeployedUnit(<groupId>:<artifactId>:<version>)


      But when I try to deploy kjars to maven repository by business central(, even I can successfully clean&deploy kjars by business-central which provided by jboss-brms-6.1.0.GA , running on jboss-eap-6.4.0 server, I cannot use that code to get deployedUnit. Eap6.4 always gives me a null pointer exception, when my application was running to that line. Although when I clean&deploy kjars successfully on business central, eap6.4 gives me warnnings. The log of eap6.4 is attached. Can anyone give me a hint? THX!


      (ps. I already check kjars's path under ~/.m2, and it is already in the maven local repository.)