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    Kie Work Bench Has this issue where On Save bpmn xml it adds "taskName" as DataInput and when we import into Eclipse Throws "Data Input TaskName has no Data Type" although TaskName is not DataInput for the Webservice Activity.


      Hi Forum Members .


      I have seen this peculiar issue , where I have created the workflow in the kie workbench and then import back the same workflow inside the eclipse it throws a validation error for that file as below

      "Data Input TaskName has no Data Type" I believe you guys also facing this issue.

      If I see and investigate the node properties I see that TaskName is Data Input Porperties I beiliebe it should be under that General Tab rather than DataInput Tabs in the eclipse and there should be no validation error for the same.


      Kie Work Bench Screen Shot


      Imported Into the Eclipse JBPMN Diagram Editor


      Why the task name is showing up in the I/O parameters tab rather than General tab it is not Input Data Mappings actually .



      If I provide the String as the datatype the error goes away though but it is not the right design I believe .


      Please share your experiences if you also facing the same issues.


      Contrary to that if I create the same work flow inside the eclipse , The taskname is not shown on the I/O Parameters Tabs, SO looks like that during the import from the Kie Work Bench there is some issue happening and Eclipse BPMN Validator actually assumes that it is an I/O Parameter instead of General Attribute .


      When Same Flow is created in the Eclipse BPMN Diagram Editor








      Sanjay Gautam