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    TEIID16012 and TEIID16011 while retrieving data from View

    Jayesh Garg Newbie

      In the attached project, I have build a view LinkFileTrain.xml with a table TrainFileView. There is a transformation query which I have written like



        train_id AS train_id, dst_id AS filename


        LinkFileTrain.train, LinkFileTrain.id_mapper


        (train_id = src_id) AND (src_name = 'TrainId') AND (dst_name = 'FileName')


      But this on execution is giving me below error(Log file attached):


      WARN  [org.teiid.ODATA] (http-localhost/ null TEIID16012 Could not produce a successful OData response.  Returning status NotFoundException with message TEIID16011 EntitySet "LinkFileTrain.TrainFileView" is not found; Check the spelling, use modelName.tableName; The table that representing the Entity type must either have a PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE key(s).


      Please guide.