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    When referencing database views in source models simple subqueries and where clauses not supported?


      We recently changed our database to expose views to the outside world rather than the tables that they represent. In the VDB we have therefore now used a source model that imports all these views. What I have seen, however, is that JDV is no longer pushing simple criteria and subqueries to the backend. Very simple statements like this:


      select * from view_model.event limit 10


      Cause an errormessage in the logging indicating that "limit" is not supported:


      "Relational Planner, LOW,limit not supported by source pma_base (...)"


      Also very simple where clauses are not pushed:


      select * from view_model.event where event_dt between '2015-07-01' and '2015-07-15' causes the following errormessage:


      "Relational Planner, LOW,convert function not supported by source pma_base,convert(pma_base.EVENT_FACT_SECURE.EVENT_DT, string) was not pushed>]"


      This means that instead of executing the query with the where clause JDV first executes a select * on that table. Since that table contains gigabytes of data this is unwanted behaviour.


      Question: where can I find more information about the behavior of JDV when it uses database views and are there ways to prevent JDV from not pushing these kinds of statements to the database?