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    Native query proc with criteria

    virtualdatabase Apprentice

      I have modeled a physical procedure with a nativeQuery property

      when I set the property to this SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES where table_cat='\\x\Datae\Client\6274\028\Tables'

      the query runs fine

      I then cloned this and changed the nativequery to this:


      SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES where table_Cat = $TableCat


      TableCat is the name of the input property (I've tried naming it 1 just to match the documentation!)


      However, when I run a query at runtime:


      select * from INfoSchemaObjs where tableCat ='\\x\Datae\Client\6274\028\Tables'


      it returns no results


      From the logs it looks as though the '\\x\Datae\Client\6274\028\Tables' isn't being substituted for $TableCat


      What am I missing?