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    Intercept final result set in Delegate translator.

    Rajni Kumari Newbie

      Hi All,


      We have a static vdb contains two source model connecting to mysql database and a view model's table 'TEST_PDEN_MEASUREMENT' which is created using 'join' statement.

      Following is the transformation query of TEST_PDEN_MEASUREMENT table:


        prc.id AS Measure_ID, prc.quantity AS QUANTITY, prc.quantity_type AS QUANTITY_TYPE, prc.quantity_unit AS QUANTITY_UNIT,

        t.converted_value AS TEST_TABLE_CONVERTED_VALUE


        SourceOne.perrowconversion AS prc LEFT OUTER JOIN SourceSecond.test AS t ON prc.id = t.id

      We have written a delegate translator which intercepts each call that Teiid is executing and its result set.


      Now for the transformation query above, Teiid internally change it into two select statement executing in two different thread and gets its results. Then Teiid perform the join operation and returns the result set(final result set).  Delegate intercepts two statement and its result set. We want to intercept the final result set returned by transformed query using delegate translator. Is this possible using delegate? If yes then how can we achieve this?