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    Impala datasource

    Szaraz Fika Newbie



      When trying to retrieve data from Impala we experience that:

      - Teiid can connect to the 'default' database in Impala and retrieve tables from the 'default' database

      - Teiid can't connect to any newly created database by us in Impala and cannot retrieve tables from it

      when using the impala translator.


      I saw that on the teiid JDBC translator page that similar problem appears when using Hive, but I'm not sure where to set the following property which is suggested on the page:


      <new-connection-sql>use {database-name}</new-connection-sql>



      We checked with the drivers ImpalaJDBC3, ImpalaJDBC4, ImpalaJDBC41 retrieved from cloudera and also the Hive driver but neither worked.

      Can you give feedback on this one?


      Thanks in advance,