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    ldap post

    Prashanthi Kairuppala Novice



      I created a virtual table from Ldap source table, and I am able to do a odata GET call. When I try to make POST on the same table. It is giving the below errors :



          "error": {

              "code": "ServerErrorException",

              "message": {

                  "lang": "en-US",

                  "value": "TEIID30492 TEIID30061 Insert is not allowed on the view LdapView.\"user\".  A procedure may be needed to handle the Insert since: The query defining an updatable view has no valid target for INSERTs."





      My virtual table is a simple (select * from table) statement.

      Do i need to do any changes in my model to make successful post?

      "A procedure may be needed"  - is the procedure an update procedure?


      Thanks in advance,