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    @WebServlet - encoding - @MultipartConfig?

    Ralph Soika Apprentice


      I have a strange problem with a WebServlet running in Wildfly 8 and 9.

      The servlet is used to extract multipart fileupload requests. The servlet works well in general. It extracts the file content and stores the file in a session parameter. (You can see the sources here.)

      The problem is the extraction of the filename from the parts of a mulitpart http request. In case the filename contains german umlaute (ä,ü,ö...) the filename in the header of the corresponding javax.servlet.http.Part has the wrong encoding.

      I checked this with firebug and the name is send form the browser with UTF-8 encoding. But my servlet did not receife this encoding and it looks like the encoding of the header has change. 

      Is there a known bug with the transmission of multiparts in a servlet or did I missed a configuration isseue?

      The same servlet runs well in GlassFish3


      Thanks for any hints helping me to find a soution