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    HATimerService gets NameNotFoundException during stop

    Leonardo Battagli Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have successfully builded in my application the HATimerService, it starts itselfs and all the subsequent timers and everything works correctly.


      Btw it is instead not able to stop without errors, while the context gets stopped it raise a ComponentUnavailable or a NameNotFound exception while looking up the timers.


      I'm using the same jndi path used for starting it. (global/earName/earModule/ejb!interface)


      I checked with the admin console and I found that the only context available in that moment are:

      JNDI =  / ConnectionFactory

      JNDI =  / JmsXA

      JNDI =  / Mail

      JNDI =  / TransactionManager

      JNDI =  / queue

      JNDI =  / ejb

      JNDI =  / jms

      JNDI =  / jboss


      but there is not java:global context available, given that, it raises during the stop of the first timer

      EJBComponentUnavailableException: JBAS014559: Invocation cannot proceed as component is shutting down

      and during the stop of the second

      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Error looking up global/earName/....


      Why the java:/global is unavailable inside the HATimerService.stop() method ?


      thks in advance