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    Two entries in PROCESSINSTACELOG per each process

    Miguel Angel Garcia Newbie


      I have the same problem as discussed inTwo entries in PROCESSINSTANCELOG per each process but I use 6.1.0.Final version and default builder for my runtime manager:

      My kmodule.xml is like this:


      <kmodule xmlns="http://jboss.org/kie/6.0.0/kmodule">
        <kbase name="myKBase" default="true" eventProcessingMode="cloud" equalsBehavior="identity" 
        declarativeAgenda="disabled" scope="javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped" packages="bpm.procesos,bpm.tareas">
          <ksession name="defaultKieSession" type="stateful" default="true" clockType="realtime" scope="javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped">
          <fileLogger file="myStatfullsession.log" threaded="true" interval="1" />
          <ksession name="defaultStatelessKieSession" type="stateless" default="true" clockType="realtime" scope="javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped">
              <fileLogger file="myStatlessSession.log" threaded="true" interval="1" />


      My runtime environment definiton is:

                  KieServices kieServices = KieServices.Factory.get();
                  KieContainer kContainer = kieServices.getKieClasspathContainer();
                  KieBase myKBase = kContainer.getKieBase("myKBase");
          environment = RuntimeEnvironmentBuilder.Factory.get()


      My process is

      Captura de pantalla de 2015-10-27 13:51:57.png

      I found in log one insert (status=1) and one update (status=2) for the parent process and the same for the subprocess but in this case another insert ocurred with status = 2


      Some body know why ?