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    Two entries in PROCESSINSTANCELOG per each process

    Vladimir Vinn Newbie

      Hi guys!


      After starting and completing a process there are two entries in PROCESSINSTANCELOG table. Both are for a same process (similar processInstanceId) and both completed (Status =2). Is this a correct behaviour? I suppose not.

      Only one process instance is actually being executed and completed, but two entries in log table pop up. And two entries are shown in process instance tab in kie-wb (both completed).


      It would be not a big issue for me unless sometimes this "additional" process instance remains active, and is shown in jbpm-console as active.

      But there is still another entry (both in log table and shown in jbpm-console) that sais that this exact process is completed!




      Any thoughts? (version is 6.2.0.Final)