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    XMI vs ddl

    govindaraj s Novice

      We wanted to know, which mode of development is better via xmi or ddl? Our model has multiple entities, close to 80 and also it contains 15-20 stored procedures. THe main reason we are looking at ddl is for version control, comparing 2 ddl files using any comparison tool. While xmi is very efficient working with teiid designer. Bot has its advantages adn disadvantages. Just wanted to know the experience by any of you.



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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          XMI is EMF specific format, that is only supposed to be edited using the designated tools like Designer. No automation there will be provided. However, DDL is just plain text.


          We are planning to deprecate XMI altogether, in next major version of the  Teiid Designer, it is all going to be DDL. The support for DDL based VDBs in Designer is also coming in the current versions of the Designer. In Designer you can (already|coming very very soon) find way to export the XMI based VDB into a DDL based VDB. We are talking further simplifications too. So, if want to participate, look at the Teiid Designer JIRAs.


          So, I recommend just keep using the DDL, that is the path into the future. Yes, version control, collaboration, offline view, programmatic ability to create VDB, simple editing, defining of metadata using closest domain language, ability to other tools all are advantages.