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    How to create different users for teiid web-UI ?

    Nishant Agrawal Novice

      Hi ,


      Does management and application users are related in any way to teiid WebUI users ?

      Suppose I create datasource and data service through Teiid WebUI using admin credentials. But when I login with regular user credentials ,then also I am able to see

      those datasources and dataservices.


      I went through the code of PicketLinkDefaultUsers.java through below link.


      I see admin and regular as default users for teiid web UI in this file.


      Can anyone please give any idea how can we achieve above scenario?

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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          There are two types security realm by default in JBoss EAP

          • Management Realm
          • Application Realm


          The "web-ui", CLI and AdminShell requires a user that is created in the Management Relam. This is typically a "admin" type user.  However, when you are issuing a SQL query through JDBC to Teiid, that requires a user created in the Application Realm.


          Now, just because you created a "Admin1" user and created data source X, that will not be visible to "Admin2" or can be used "User1". It only means a user in the management realm will be able to change the configuration of the JBoss EAP instance. Where as user in Application realm will not be able to access the same using the web-ui.


          As per the visibility of the services as to who has what visibility is whole another section in Teiid. It is called "Data Roles". Read this carefully (may be multiple times) Data Roles - Teiid 9.0 (draft) - Project Documentation Editor then ask any questions. There should be an example in quick starts too on this.



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