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    Infinispan subsystem for user application capabilities.

    koli Newbie

      Hello everyone ,


      I am newbie in the area of JBoss and Infinispan. Now I'm working on porting an application from WebLogic to JBoss.

      On this page (https://access.redhat.com/articles/112673) I read that the Infinispan API is not supported for user applications and is designed only for internal capabilities of the EAP.

      If I wish to use Infinispan cache capabilities in my application then I should install and use another copy of Infinispan libraries (not delivered with EAP) as a another module maybe or something like that ?

      Can you tell me how safely and without collision with internal Infinispan EAP capabilities may I use Infinispan ?

      Is there any article or clear information about this - I have still not found anything like that.