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    Running JTS Docker container on Atomic Host


      I'm trying to run JTS Docker container on the Atomic Host but am facing a networking issue. So if anybody has any suggestions it'd be great to hear them.

      Atomic Host runs on Vagrant, so their both network configurations could influence this.

      There are two containers which should run on the Atomic Host: JTS and JacORB name server. And JTS should have such an IP address, that it could be accessed both by the JacORB name server inside the Atomic Host and by the client application from the outside. Then it should register with the name server using that IP, so that it would be returned to the client, once it asks for the IOR of the JTS service.


      This setup works without any extra configuration when both containers and the client application are on the same host.

      If containers run on Boot2Docker virtual machine, JTS container's jacorb.ior_proxy_host should be set to Boot2Docker IP and then everything works too.

      However, on the Atomic Host, first scenario doesn't work because internal IP address is used and the JTS service cannot be accessed by the client. While if jacorb.ior_proxy_host is set to Vagrant IP, JTS is not accessible by the name server. However, I think this scenario is most likely to work, if it would be possible to properly set up IP addresses.