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    Webservice datasource only getting partial result.

    realmad Newbie



      I have created a vdb using webservice as a data source.. Below is the transformation for the response procedure generated by teiid designer.


          SELECT t.* FROM XMLTABLE(XMLNAMESPACES('http://webservices.samples.jboss.org/' AS tns), '/tns:getFileInputResponse/return' 
          PASSING DataServiceView.getFileInput_response.xml_in COLUMNS content string PATH '/content', name string PATH '/name', id integer PATH '/id') AS t;


      content is actually byte[] having file content. So its a base64Binary when it comes from webservice. However base64Binary is not recognized as a type by the transformation editor so I had to change it to string as I realized that the run time type representation of base64Binary.


      This response procedure is used in a view FileInput with columns content, name, id.


      When I query using statement Select content from FileInput where id =1; I get only partial result of actual content. I know that webservice is returning the complete result as I checked it with SoapUI.

      I wanted to know if there is any configuration or any workaround that needs to be employed to get the complete response.

      Thank you.