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    Facing problem while creating and deleting file data source through AdminAPI

    Nishant Agrawal Novice

      Hi ,

      I am trying to create file data source through admin api of teiid.

      I am setting 2 properties
      fileProperties.setProperty("ParentDirectory", "C:\\Users\\nishanta\\Desktop\\files");


      On Starting a wildfly server for the first time, its working properly and file data source getting created. But when I am trying to delete through admin api and again trying

      to create file data source, that time it is creating problem.

      Below exception is coming.


      19:28:14,819 ERROR [org.jboss.as.controller.management-operation] (management-handler-thread - 55)  WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("add") failed - address: ([

          ("subsystem" => "resource-adapters"),

          ("resource-adapter" => "FileDs")

      ]) - failure description: "WFLYJCA0073: Failed to load module for RA [org.jboss.teiid.resource-adapter.file]"

      19:28:14,833 ERROR [stderr] (default task-21)  org.teiid.webui.backend.server.services.AdminApiClientException: TEIID70006 WFLYJCA0073: Failed to load module for RA [org.jboss.teiid.resource-adapter.file]

      19:28:14,833 ERROR [stderr] (default task-21)   at org.teiid.webui.backend.server.services.AdminApiClient.createDataSource(AdminApiClient.java:258)

      19:28:14,833 ERROR [stderr] (default task-21)   at org.teiid.webui.backend.server.services.TeiidService.createDataSourceWithVdb(TeiidService.java:741)

      19:28:14,833 ERROR [stderr] (default task-21)   at org.teiid.webui.test.TestClass.createFileDataSource(TestClass.java:267)


      Can someone please some help on this .


      Note : On every restart of server it works properly.