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    Running Errai projects targeting an already existing copy of Wildfly.

    mauriclaudio Newbie

      I've create with JBoss Forge a new Errai-based project (a very simple one, just an hello world page to be honest) and I'm trying to experiment a little with it.

      I succeeded in using an external copy of Wildlfy,commenting out POM part instructing maven to download a local copy of wildlfy, and setting errai.jboss.home property to local (external) Wildlfy home.

      This generally works, without any problem. Anyway, I've a couple of questions I need to ask you:


      a)  GWT development mode GUI shows that it tries to access via http-remoting to Wildfly instance. It uses port 9990. Now, what if for any reason i need to change Wildfly remoting port to another one ? How I can tell GWT GUI (sorry but I have no better definition for it ! If you have a better one please tell me...) to use another port ?


      b) Is there a way to avoid starting Wildfly every time I execute a mnv gwt:run ? I.E, would it possible to simply attaching to an already running wildfly instance ?


      Thanks for your support guys !!