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    Logging supports in jboss 5.1 but fails in jboss eap 6.3

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           As for my previous post on logging (jboss eap 6.3 logging) in jboss eap 6.3. I came across an issue when going through the log generated , where some of the enabled log does not gets printed i.e the main package(com.jbase.jremote) gets printed but the sub package(com.jbase.io) is not printed in log.


      Enabled logging in jboss admin console

      JBoss logging Management.jpg



      Sample log trace :


      5:00:44,869 FINEST [com.jbase.jremote.jca.JRemoteConnectionFactoryImpl] (http-/ Doing call back to connection manager to create connection

      15:00:44,870 FINEST [com.jbase.jremote.jca.JRemoteManagedConnectionFactory] (http-/ Creating new connection

      15:00:44,870 FINEST [com.jbase.jremote.jca.JRemoteManagedConnectionFactory] (http-/ Connecting to

      15:00:47,041 FINEST [com.jbase.jremote.jca.WrappedJConnection] (http-/ JRemoteConnectionImpl managed environment constructor

      15:00:47,041 FINE  [com.temenos.tocf.t24ra.outbound.T24ConnectionFactoryImpl] (http-/ Sending OFS Request with UUID : 95bf0c5f-0cc5-42b6-91b5-959d3b8a2876

      15:00:48,416 FINE  [com.temenos.tocf.t24ra.outbound.T24ConnectionFactoryImpl] (http-/ T24 RA request details:

      Principal:        []

      Message format:   [OFS]

      Captured output:  [Total processing time from start to end of AFS.SESSION.MANAGER *** Time = 1360


      Response time:    [3.547 seconds]

      Message UUID [95bf0c5f-0cc5-42b6-91b5-959d3b8a2876]


      The same scenario is tried in jboss 5.1 which works fine in logging.but it fails in jboss eap 6.3. someone kindly do the needfull to get this sorted out.


      Thanks in advance.